The Ritz Carlton – Nathania Priscilla Saputra

Imaginarium means the imagination of Nathania. Wow! this girl was one of our favorite clients. Her party theme was just sooo Chic ‘N Click. It’s our purpose to always makes every girl’s inspiration becomes a reality. She got the idea from a movie called “The Imaginarium of  Doctor Parnassus“.  She wanted to make her dream comes true by putting a lot of forest and thousand of flowers decoration on her birthday. She wanted a white grand piano standing silently on her private stage.  So, at the end, did her dream come true? absolutely yes! Our team made a full room decoration of flowers to the end.

Enjoy the photos and video uploaded!

Don’t be hesitate to share with us what exactly is your imaginarium 😉

Nathania 1

nathania 2

nathania 3

nathania 4

nathania 5

nathania 6

nathania 7

nathania 8

nathania 9

nathania 11

nathania 12

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nathania 17





nathania 10