About Us


It started from a group of young generation with one passion :

   “To make a girl’s dream comes true in her 17 years old birthday”

Born in 9 Sept 2006, started the journey as  sweet 17 party organizer


We choose these simple two words as our brand.

CHIC means elegant and fashionable, while

CLICK means we fully understand the need of our clients. Click! This is exactly what we hear when we capture every our precious moment with our camera.

CHIC ‘N CLICK (CNC) represents our enthusiasm in creating an elegant, fashionable, unique, yet unforgettable party for every of our clients.


Be Ready!

This is exactly the moment we work so hard to make your dream come true!

Just give us a RING, have a fun CHIT CHAT, gettin’ know about EACH OTHERS..

We’ll be your private event organizer if you let us to!