Our team


 We are a team who are dedicated

   to make every party unique, out of the box, and memorable for everyone

We keep raising the bar and put our standard high.

We  hold on tight to our quality rather than seek for quantity!


Meet Ivan!


His full name is Daniel Ivan but you can call him Ivan.

He is cheerful, keep smiling, keep laughing, love to chitchat and

very well known for his famous happy smile.

Familiar with a term called FOH? Front of House – the center of animation, projector, LED screen, video live feed, sound system, lighting, and any technical support needed during a party. Meet the captain! AHOY.. Yess, Ivan is the head of our FOH full team.



Meet Nonny!

Her full name is Darmayanti Tjandra, but she’s been called Nonny since she was little.

Firm, punctual, hard work, stubborn – this 4 words are her best friend!

Apart from her -hard to smile- face, she has a great passion in 4D decoration, flower arrangements, table setting, and dessert table. She is responsible in deciding color combination, flower shopping, table setting concept in every party.

GOOGLE is her favorite world to keep looking and searching something new and she have a faith that there’s no ‘impossible’ in the decoration and party concept world.

She believes : ‘The limitation only comes from our imagination’