Red & Aqua

Musro at Hotel Borobudur – Jesvita Widjaja

Why Red? Why Aqua? Why Red and Aqua? Aha! We totally understand why Jesvita chose this theme for her birthday. This color combination is like a mystery, it’s like black and white, north and south, left and right. Opposite but they are just meant to each other. If there is no north there probably no south, if there is no red there probably no aqua. We combined both colors nicely and beautifully, they are just perfectly fit for each others!

Enjoy the uploaded photos!

We are waiting for another color combinaJesvita 24 Jesvita 23 Jesvita 22 Jesvita 21 Jesvita 20 Jesvita 19 Jesvita 18 Jesvita 17 Jesvita 16 Jesvita 15 Jesvita 14 Jesvita 13 Jesvita 12 Jesvita 11 Jesvita 10 Jesvita 9 Jesvita 8 Jesvita 7 Jesvita 6 Jesvita 5 Jesvita 4 Jesvita 3 Jesvita 2 Jesvita 1tion challenge from you 😀

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