Four Seasons

Hotel Mulia – Delmira Miranda

Everybody knows her as MIA, a beautiful, charming, tiny, cute girl which started to become a woman when she reached 17 years old. She is soo adorable and she wondered a lot how to make an enormous yet impressive birthday party.. Four Seasons! She chose this theme and she asked the decorator to fulfill the whole ballroom, turned it into four seasons in the world.

SPRING – the first season to be put as the entrance, we could see a lot of colorful flowers and leaves in the whole entrance decoration.

SUMMER – the season peak! everything was soo bright and soo joyful as you would feel that it’s freaking hot! haha

AUTUMN – romantic goldish yellowish decoration covering the upfront ballroom

WINTER – ice castle on the stage with ice crystals decoration for the ceiling, check out her ice cake with a handsome prince on it 😉

Happy Birthday MIA! 

You really had an awesome birthday party ever!