Paradox Nuit

St. James Prom Night – Ritz Carlton Kuningan Ballroom

A Last Night for us be together with everything ‘ALL OUT’ from all of us

We meet the prom committee around 6 months before the party and the’re so hard to decide what should be their prom theme. One thing they knew for sure was they gonna be wearing costumes to the prom and it even made everything harder ’cause the theme should suit all costumes! 

We actually never got a 100% YES from all the committees and It’s actually not a bad thing! It’s  something you will face when you work with a lot of people.

Go check the photos and video above! We made it, dunno how but finally the prom ended well and everybody enjoyed bit seconds of it!


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DF0_7675 copy

DF0_7648 copy

DF0_7642 copy

DF0_7602 copy

DF0_7592 copy

DF0_7537 copy

DF0_7519 copy

DF0_7493 copy

DF0_7463 copy

DF0_7419 copy

DF0_7411 copy

DF0_7348 copy

DF0_7340 copy

DF0_7335 copy

DF0_7325 copy

DF0_7249 copy

DF0_7234 copy

DF0_7197 copy

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