The Nutcracker

Cindy Priscilia – Kempinski Bali Room

The Nutcracker sits under the holiday tree, a guardian of childhood stories.. Feed him with walnut and he will crack open a tale…┬á

Here we go, the special story about our beloved Cindy Priscilia

  1. She prepared her party very well, met us like 6 months before and we started to discuss everything from the beginning. She might have not any party theme at first. she kept thinking something unusual and suddenly she said NUTCRACKER ­čÖé
  2. Cindy┬áloves fashion design, she told us, her dress will be made by Melta Tan, but she already┬ámade the sketch.. we’re like wuoow haha..
  3. First thing first… her mom said “Aku udah book dan DP Fairmont yah..” and we said okay tante. Out of sudden on April 2015 Fairmont is no longer available due to some missed understanding.. her mom was so panic and said it’s unacceptable, she was very angry and we quickly find another venue for Cindy, Kempinski Bali Room which luckily was still vacant on her event date
  4. This family turned out to be one of God’s greatest gift to us.. Super kind mom – who said Yes for everything that Cindy wanted :), very humble, wise, and low profile dad, with 2 beautiful sisters just like Cindy. Please watch the video and listen to what her dad said for Cindy.. it’s the most touching ever!
  5. Cindy is also one of a kind.. she’s sweet, smile a lot, knew exactly what she wanted for her day and we’re beyond happy when she said on the day.. “Ci.. this is nice.. beyond my imagination..!” ┬áThank you once again for having us in your special day! xoxo-

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