Magical Glow

Levie Arlius – Sheraton Hotel Bandara

  1. She chose Sheraton Bandara Poolside and Bar for the venue. We talked about ‘hujan’ everytime we met. Her dad wanted the best and he said “oke kita dekor luar, dan kita dekor ballroom dalem, kalo hujan anak2 bisa lanjut pindah k ballroom dalem” AWESOME DAD! ✌We’re so shocked. She’s the youngest in her family, the only girl, and her dad really treats her like a princess. At the end, we thought pawang hujan is better than wasting ballroom decoration for nothing!
  2. Levie is one of that cute, small, nice, pretty little girl, who doesn’t like things so complicated. She like pastel colors and a chill party. She doesn’t have any specific request besides : santai dan keren.
  3. Her mom and dad were the two who took the headache of the preparation. They still talked and argued bout the party until 1 day before! We heard them talked intense over the phone. But what we found out so sweet was her dad kept holding mom’s hands during the candle celebration❤
  4. We had a tech meet and we prepared a long yet complicated rundown. She just told us 3 days before the event : the games is no need, I don’t want it. People come, enjoy the barbeque, drinks, activities for 2 hours. Then simple candle blowing and celebration. Directly followed by after party! That’s it! Our MC was like coming running thought he’s late. And he ended up by saying this’s the simplest easiest ever!??
  5. Levie had turned her party to be one of that ‘simple looked with so much effort behind’ party. A 50m2 LED screen separated into 5 parts, 15 UV lights for glow in the dark effect, full lighting set to cover the whole poolside, Emprica residence DJ for the after party, beer pong table, fuzz ball, and glow tattoo. She wants the best serving in a simple way! One new challenge for us!

Thank you once again @leviearlius for celebrating it wih us! Enjoy being legal having that KTP and SIM ??

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