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This PETITE girl with a LOUD voice! We are closing her sneak peek now ? how we missed her and her big family

1. She’s 17, Lives in a world where all teenagers never been far away more than 3 mins from their gadgets.. and yet.. she is HARD TO CONTACT ? Say HI now and you got replied two days later. As we raised a white flag tryin’ to contact her, Tante Jenty is our saviour ?

2. Tante Jenty. A very good friend of the family. A Mrs. Super busy bee. She is indeed hard to contact as well ? but at least she’s online every midnight! Chattin and preparation begun at 11.00 PM every night

3. Being the only daughter in the family. Kelly is loved zillions by her dad! Mom always ‘nge-rem’ in everything while daddy keep unable to said no to her. Tante Jenty, being in the middle of everything since the beginning and she survived! Well! She assisted everything. Pre17 photoshoot, venue, invitations, souvenirs, gowns, event rundown and etc and etc. We did have a standing ovation for her!

4. Havin’ around 4 meetings. Each for 3-4 hours. Answering questions from the big family and relatives. We did realize how important was this event for them. They invited 400 people. And we talked a lot on how to organize the decoration, food areas, and seating areas. ‘Tante ini udh sempit.. jangan nambah tamu please’ ?

5. Kelly’s parents business is kids toys importir. They always brought a toy for Nonny in every meetings. Little Emma got 3 toys from them. Thanks a bunch tante! Those meetings with you were the most fave for Emma, mom would come home brought presents for her ?

6. Kelly Caroline, you are loved by many. Parents throwing the biggest party they had so far, Tante Jenty helping in preparing everything, Mom’s friends kept busy walking around F&B area making sure everything were enough, a panic daddy he even didn’t feel hungry at all skipping his lunch that day, A mom payin’ attention into all small things.. yes a lovely mommy she is! Little Emma got the biggest present that day ?

Happiest birthday once again dear @kellycarolineee thank you for having us in this special moment of yours ❤❤ salam buat semua yaaa.


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