Hi ? for this literally petite girl! OK on the side note, I am only 152 cm and she is event smaller. So cute ?

1. Christin. Yes we talked via WA way before March, i just didn’t recall when. OK, how do I remember it’s before March. Because we met ❤ in Rachel’s party and she said : Cici! Aku Christin. And I said yes haaai kamu event 10 june kaaan?

2. This family is ONE thing. Never met up really literally never and talked only by phone. Yet her mom paid us 50% down payment. We had only a meeting and just the technical meeting. Thank you for the enormous trust ?

3. Christin haha.. I felt like it doesn’t feel right to call you by that. Aling. Yes such a familiar cute chinese name of yours. Her family is just too often sayin it I even used to it and certainly will rememberring you by this name

4. She never asked a lot. Not any single complicated things. She said yes and approved for everything we proposed. She is cute, obviously. Being the only girl and the youngest in her family is so fitted with her personality. Fun, nice, warm, charming, humble, easy to talk to, petite! And smiles a lot ?

5. I saw you enjoying the night. Thank you huge for asking your mom to let us decorated the entrance foyer! Those giant red roses came up into idea only 5 days before. Haha. So lucky you liked our surprise ?your mom event said : wow keren amat HAHA when she took a sneak peek at noon. And we felt like here come the butterflies inside our stomach ❤

6. Happiest 17 darling. You are one thoughtful girl I personally ever known. Willing to celebrate your birthday 1 day earlier than you real birthday so all your friends and families could come before they flew away for holiday ?

Thank you for sharing your special moment with us @christinwinata n hope too see you again real soon! PS. Kata mama malem itu : “Nonny nanti ya saya kontak2 lagi kalo ada event. Jangan lupa sama saya” ?? hahahaha, Love you and your family much ??


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