Playboy Bunny

Venessa Bong – EXODUS dining

It’s a PLAYBOY BUNNY ?❤?party

Let’s walk, talk, tease, and please like a playboy bunny!
Join us for fun, drinks, nibbles, and laughs as we celebrate Venessa Bong @venessatjoe 17th party

We met her so long time ago and she wanted to have a Victoria Secret Theme party. She likes pink and glamour and VS is soo her. We create all designs and concept together.
But the venue was always our main concern, we’re uncomfortable with her choice and together we tried to find another venue fit to her party and total guests. Exodus turned out to be her choice and imagine this! How excited we’re when she said PLAYBOY BUNNY ci! Wow wow and wow! So unique and fun, sexy, glamour, and fresh!

4 days before the date, she said “ciiiii temen aku ada yang pesta di hari yang sama, OMG, gmana yaaah ci..” we prayed together. Wished together. Venessa worked so hard contacting all her friends one by one to make sure they come. The result? 150 invitations vs. 180 guests! AHA!

A big laugh came from me and CNC decor team while she said “ci, gemes sama dekorannya” ?

Check this out, what she said to us via whatsapp :
Cii nonnyyy thankyouuu yaaa buat kmren HEHEHEHE temen2 pd blg bagus bgt,, mcnya lucuuu decornya bagussss , mama papa juga puas bangett katanyaaaa HEHEHE thankyouuu so much cii?

Happy 17th once again Bong! Stay sexy, fun, fresh, and cheerful! Thank you for celebrating it with us


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