Vinna Wijaya

If you keep on believing,
The dream that you wish will come true
. Cinderella .


From the 17th birthday party of Vinna Wijaya @vinnawijayaa

Ending up the sneek peak of this Cinderella themed party with a Cinderella post and little facts about her ?

1. Hai Non, said tante Lisa via whatsapp to us and the chatting began. Anak saya mau tema istana pake gerbang. G suka garden, g suka terlalu banyak bunga. Bagusnya tema apa ya? We started from the venue and keep talking between 2 venues. Oke venue A kecil aku bingung muat ga tante.. venue B tp mahal non, coba bisa ga dapat best price

2. God is in control for everything! ? He knew deep inside our heart as EO we preferred venue B : bigger, more strategic, easier to decorate, and we can imagine everything her daughter’s asked inside! Started by a light chitchat to the hotel sales and maybe we’re more excited than tante Lisa when we got better deal even lower than venue A haha

3. First meet up : In one of our client’s party. Building a castle with such a strong thematic theme : Snow White ? hai ? Nat @natasha090400 and we did only around 15 mins chit chat. Tante Lisa and Vinna said : Baguss

4. We never thought we’ll get a payment before meeting up again. And we realized both of them is such a detail and perfectionist person. Without any further ABC, suddenly tante Lisa sent us a payment transfer transaction confirming CNC as the EO. We rememberred well she said ?? : Vinna, tuh kan mami ga window shopping

5. Everything after was only between line to line or whatsapp to whatsapp. Cinderella. With golden pumpkins. And Vinna said OK ? here we go started all from presweet, invitations, decoration, and all. Meet up again? Sure. Of course. In technical meeting ?a final meeting between hotel, EO, and clients just 2 weeks prior the event.Tante Lisa trusts us. She said diatur aja nonny yang bagus yah. Here I tell u one thing : Tante Lisa business is in diamond and woman jewellery ?. We couldn’t imagine what’s her definition of bagus

On D day : Vinna came around 12 pm and saw the Ballroom. 80% done but not one complaint coming from her, tante Lisa, or her Dad.

Tante Lisa asked her dad : Gimana pi, bagus ga? Si om said : Parah! Haha om gaul banget ooom

Cinderella – a pretty simple girl, turning into a princess by just one magic and forever be a princess.

Vinna Wijaya – the only mom and dad’s little girl turning into a woman by blowing up her 17th candle and forever be an adult

Thank you lots for supporting and allowing us making our version of Cinderella and walk together from the beginning

Thank you vin for giving yourself all into this Cinderella theme starting from the presweet concept, the dress and crown, and even your grand entrare by singing that 1 Cinderella’s song “A dream is a wish your heart makes”

Start missing all the preparation days with u and your mom now ??? @vinnawijayaa

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