Talia Yunita Sathiadi

To All Man in the world
Think twice before you broke a promise
and broke woman’s heart
Because you’ll never knew
what she might become -MALEFICENT-

Ever heard people said : Be your maximum! Don’t let it be half way or half made.

Hoping to be a famous singer? Two options : be a diva with an unbelievable voice or be the one who can’t sing at all but still insist to perform and they’ll get the same final result : Famous!? Never be in the middle as people will remember you as ‘middle’

.A pretty evil creatures – soft kind hearted inside.

Talia Yunita @taliayunitas be her maximum on her 17th party
.thematic make up.
.thematic hair do.
.thematic dress.
.black wings.
.high neck accesorries.

She succesfully be unforgettable. Marked in our heart as one of our MAXIMUM thematic appearance clients, with these 5 stories behind
1. 19 june. OK. That’s Sunday. She chose that date and we asked her several times. Sure? Yes. The reason behind : temen baik aku tgl 18 berhalangan ci.. dia candle aku. Aku mau dia dateng jadi pindah ke tanggal 19 -> soft kind hearted inside ?
2. Meetings? ❌ A meeting? ✔ONE. just with her. We made the proposal that day and she paid us a week later??
3. Dancer.. Rapsmash.. ??? go check her insta now @taliayunitas a small petite girl with a huge unawaken energy inside!
4. 17 years old and I personally might say she’s one of the most independent clients we ever met. She decide everything fast and by herself only. Yes and No directly everytime and never we heard Hmmm or Nanti tanya Mama or Nanti tanya papa. Hey Talia, do you realize that you’re that mature? ? and surprisingly : Talia is anak tunggal ?
5. A big thank you specially said in this latest number five. Mom and Dad..Did we ever meet? Yeah 2 PM that day! They came specially just for checking our castle and the girl enter the ballroom with one word “WOW”. huge smiles coming from the dad after that. That moment.. we did pay attention to Daddy’s face.. we saw it clearly : the feeling when you think “she’s happy and am happy no matter what” We got that and we are beyond grateful ?

Happy birthday once again Talia.. thank you zillions for sharing it with us ???

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